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Wall Display Shelving

Madix Wall Store Shelving

A Wall Shelving Store Displays Section includes one Basic Upright with Cap, one Base Shelf, one Kickplate, one Back Panel and one Top, Center, and Lower Spanner. If the Gondola is 78" tall or taller, the section would also include one Splicer Spanner.

Gondola Display Shelving

Madix Gondola Store Shelving

A Gondola Shelving Store Displays includes one Basic Upright with Cap, two Base Shelves, two Kickplates, two Back Panels and one Top, Center, and Lower Spanner. If the Gondola is 78" tall or taller, the section would also include one Splicer Spanner for two piece backs.

Store Countertops

Gondola Countertops Assembled with Madix Shelving

Gondola Countertops are assembled using an existing Gondola Island shelf section with a countertop and Gondola counter brackets.  Wood construction with top surface and edgework finished in choice of laminates. Available in widths from 8" to 48" and lengths.

Gondola Upper Shelves

Many different shelf styles for all types of products available for most applications and store specialties.

Madix Gravity Feed Bottle Shelves
Sode Bottle Displays
Madix Candy Rack Shelves and Shelving
Candy Shelves
The Tilted Bin Merchandiser
Bin Merchandisers
Lawnmower Shelf for Gondola
Lawnmower Shelves

Shelving End Cap

Madix Gondola Shelving End Cap Display Merchandiser

The standard EF Interior Panels are recessed around the Gondola Upright in order to flush against the Upper Shelves of the Gondola.

The recess is positioned for equal Base Shelves, or optional Offset Base Shelves. Gondola Base End Covers are not required if a Metal End Flat (PAPMEF) is used. EF cannot be used with Hypermaxi System.

4-Way Display

Madix Shelving 4-Way Merchandiser Display Shelving

This 4-Way Shelving Store Display is a versatile fixture that gives maximum exposure to impulse items.

Panel frames are slotted to accept all Madix Standard Shelves or accessories. The Laminated or Carpeted Deck is 5" high, plus the deck has 'T' mold edge to match kickplate.

Gondola Island Canopy

EZ to install wooden canopy sections for any wall or gondola aisle sections available with lighting fixtures available.

Pegboard, Slatwall, & Gridwall Display Hooks & Accessories

Pegboard, Slatwall, & Gridwall Display Hooks & Accessories

All types of product display hooks, slatwall hooks & shelf brackets, gridwall hooks, waterfall displayers, adjustable knife brackets, tube brackets, waterfall hangers and a whole lot more.  click here

CD DVD Display

Slatgrid Up-right Mobile CD DVD Displays

CD DVD Displays are the lightweight alternative for merchandising movie DVDs, music and, software CDs for rental and retail sales

Wire Paper Shelves & Racks

Wire Paper Shelves & Racks  Wire Paper Shelves & Racks

Paper display racks for the office, retail sales, and the scrapbooking hobby

Wire Type Slat and Grid

Wire Type Slat Grid Displays - Wire Type Slat and Grid Displays

Four Way Island, I Shaped, H Shaped, and T Shaped wire grid island type displayers for all types of merchandise. 

Floor Counter Spinners

Counter Spinners - Floor Spinners


Spinner displays are effective in small retail stores that do not have a lot room.




Wine Bottle

Auto Part Store Battery Rack

Pallet Racking

Freestanding Slatwall Display

Freestanding Slatwall Display

This Freestanding Slatwall Display is perfect for the presentation of clothing on hangers using Madix Slatwall Hangar Arms and Slatwall accessories sold separately. Also an excellent displayer for other types of merchandise.

Soda Bottle Displays

Soda Bottle Wire Displays

Ideal for merchandising bottled soft drinks. It is available for either two or three liter bottles. Both options hold 30 bottles and includes a sign holder that extends above the unit. Sign holder will accommodate customer-supplied signage.

Slatwall Panels

Slat Wall Panels

Slatwall panels and island displays all at a reduced costs.

Wine Bottle Wire Display

Wine Bottle Wire Display

The Wire Wine Display is capable of holding several varieties of wine bottles. The two top slanted stationary shelves facilitate the consumers ability to see the labels of the wine bottles that may be stacked in the wire bins below.

Cash Money & Currenty Counters

Cash Money Counters

Currency counters for all types of business from Bank and Casino to convenience store and restaurant bill and coin counting.  If your business handles lots of cash on a daily or even a weekly basis you might want to consider a currency and or coin counter for accuracy and time saving.

Store Room Shelves

Potato Chip Store Displays


All types of potato chip style display racks and merchandisers for counters and floor

We Accept Credit Cards and Company Checks

News Paper Racks

News Paper Racks

News Paper Racks for Broad Sheet, Quarter Fold, Magazine and more.



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